Tuesday, April 20, 2010

boozeday tuesday; four twenty.

Boozeday Tuesday is taking a break here at "Been There, Drunk That" because honestly, I couldn't think of anything to post about and today is a 'holiday' that is near and dear to my friends hearts. I'm not going to get into a tirade about booze vs. marijuana...because honestly, its still illegal in MA and I don't want the feds coming after me for my postings in a silly little blog. So I'm going to post a few pictures of Hempfest 2009, my friend Hempfest and an awesome day spent on the commons. Even if you don't smoke (which I dont a lot ), Hempfest is an experience. There's bands, street performers, stuff you can buy, lots of food, informational booths and just a huge group of people all celebrating life. I can't even get into detail with the characters I met there, but seriously? Its a good time. I suggest you check it out next year if you're in the Boston area. It's just a plain old good time.

Tomorrow? Amy's Glee Party...so excited to head to Southie tonight (even though public transportation scares the bejebus out of me)!!


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