Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boozeday Tuesday: It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Well, depending on how you look at it. In my eyes? I’m gonna go ahead and say yes, yes it is (although – ask me the same question at 1:05am Thursday morning and I might be giving you a COMPLETELY different answer).

The stores are bought out of their poster tack. The liquor stores are bulking up on their orders of energy drinks and cheap vodka. The rotary in town is in a constant traffic jam. It can only mean one thing – The College Kids are back.

I love and hate this time of year all at the same time. It will be nice to see all the faces that were coming in last year that couldn’t over the summer, but I’m sure some of them will piss me off more than once.

The BAR is THRIVING again. So in honor of those lovely kids who come to Bridgewater to learn and to party, I’m going to be giving you a run down of the most popular drinks at the BAR. But please, don’t judge me. Judge the kids. They don’t really know what good beer is yet.

1. Miller Lite Pitchers   009Remember when I said don’t judge? Miller Lite Pitchers are one of the cheapest things we have around here. And this is why the college students eat (or drink) them up with their limited budgets and wallets. It’s inexpensive, and it’s easy to drink. Especially if you splurged a little bit at the beginning of the night and are already feeling quite…good. And at only $4 a pitcher? Why the hell not? You and a buddy (since we can’t serve them to just one person) can get good for $20 bucks. ITS ECONOMICAL.

2. G&T, Rum & Coke, Vodka Soda & a Splash of Cran.

004Another one of our cheaper drinks. For a 9oz glass of one of the above, its only $2.50! What?! That’s insane. Double it, and you get a 16oz glass for $5. We keep it real around here.

3. LSD. Louie’s Special Drink.

012LSD has been featured on the blog before, but it seems only fitting to mention it again. This glorious concoction of many different liquors, 3 juices and 2 syrups has become a favorite with not only with the college crowd, but with my FAMILY. I swear, I brought it home once and now I get yelled at when I don’t bring it home for say, Thanksgiving or Christmas. The best and quite possibly worst aspect of the LSD is that you really can’t taste any of the booze. At all. It gets a little dangerous. Like, don’t drink 3 big ones while you’re sitting down and try to stand up kind of dangerous.

4. The Raspberry Lime Rickey.


Aka The Walshie. Now this might just be popular when I’m working, but I’ll take it. It was something I had come up with last year, and it seems like people just keep wanting it. And its an easy to go to drink when people tell me that they want something, but don’t know what they want (Sidenote – people. Please know what you want when you have a massive line behind you. Or just tell me to make you anything. I’m not gonna sit there talking to you for 15 minutes debating vodka vs. rum. Especially not on a Wednesday Night).

5. Domestic Beers


When the kids don’t know what to order, more than likely they’ll fall back on one of the old Faithfuls. Its just that simple.


Oh College Kids. I missed you….I’m so glad you’re back.


  1. I blame Bogs for not being able to drink rum and coke anymore! Although I think it had to do more with the kind of rum that was used more than anything else...I can still taste it! Ick! And vodka cran with a splash of sprite? That was my drink!