Monday, December 12, 2011


Is it bad that I have yet to do ANY of my Christmas Shopping yet? 12 days left til that day, I’m still just twittling my thumbs trying to figure out what I’m getting everyone. Thankfully – I don’t have that many people to shop for, and all my presents for them have been planned in my head for awhile, I just need to kick my own ass into buying/making/crafting said presents. Meems & Pato – easy. Raye – I’m in charge of her stocking this year and I know if I don’t get the right things, she’s gonna chew my ass out ( gel toothpaste…I know I know!). Other than that, nada. If you’re like me, you’re stumped…so today’s gonna deal with those last minute presents for the people in your life that love beer. And booze.

Only fitting right?

For the Lushy Baker:

I originally found this book on an evening expedition to Urban Outfitters, or something like that. I don’t remember how much it was, but you can find it on Amazon for only like 13 bucks! Bazinga! Combine that with the free shipping that you can get if you spend over $25 and its quite the steal. You can even make this present work out in your favor if you really want to. Buy the book, some fun baking stuff, a bottle of booze, and make sure your favorite boozy recipe is marked in the book. Hopefully whoever you’re getting this book for will take the hint and make you a batch of said yummy treats! I mean, that’s a good thank you gift after all right? Who wouldn’t love a ‘Jagermeister and Honey Bundt Cake’ or a batch of ‘Dark and Stormy Hermits with Raisins and Rum’? NOT ME THAT’S WHO. I would eat them up and not share a single solitary piece. [ source ]

For the “Beer Guy”:

I had to go to one of my guy friends for this, because honestly…No idea. I mean, you could just get him a thirty of his favorite shitty beer and he’d probably be happy…BUT NO. This is Christmas, and on Christmas you have to be a little fancy (#justsaying). So why not get them a set of engraved with their intials? John, (the friend I asked while I was writing this post) said he would love a beer mug, but why…when you can get this whole set from Things Remembered for only $20 (they’re on sale suckaaaaahs). If you want to give them beer as well, I highly suggest going to your local packy and seeing if you can buy singles of craft beer. Then you could take it even a step FURTHER and take a six pack carboard thing of shitty beer – and be super crafty and decorate it for your guy! Maybe I just like being crafty – but I really think I know a few guys that would dig something like this. And girls actually. My girls drink beer. [ source ]

For the Person Who Likes to MAKE things:

Now these two things are a little more pricey, but I definitely think they would be worth it. How’s that saying go anyways? “Give a man beer and he’ll drink for a night, Teach a man to make beer and you’ll drink free forever.’? Something like that? No? Anyways – One item on my evergrowing bucket list is to learn how to make beer/wine. THESE KITS DO BOTH OF THAT. Crazy right? I’d probably be brewing things all damn day if I had one, or both of these kits. They dumb it down insanely, which I’m sure is something that I would need. Cause lets be serious, there’s no way I’m going to be able to brew any of this shit without some sort of kit. [ beer kit & wine kit ]

For the Person Who Has Everything….and a Dog.

I’m gonna say this outright, I didn’t come up with this. My friend Kevin did. He actually blogged about it, and when I put up an FB post about this entry, he suggested it. I mean, when you think about it, it is kinda smart. A collar for your dog that ALSO has a beer opener on it? No need to go searching for a beer opener when you need – just whistle at your dog. They think they’re getting love, and you’re getting your beer open. What a freaking win/win situation. Now, if only you could teach said dog to go into the fridge and get your beer…..I’m looking at you Bromance. Go get me a frosty beverage from the fridge..And stop waking me up by sitting on my head while you’re at it. Please? No really please? You crazy Bromance. [ source ]

Now…the ideas go on and on. But here’s a few things to get you started. What do I want for Christmas? Oh who the hell knows – but I know I’m going to ask for a Puppy, Trampoline, Pool and my own room…just like I have every Christmas since I was 5.

Get on that Meems.