Tuesday, May 31, 2011

America's Got Talent.

After a completely and utterly dead day in the Dungeon, I'm sitting her (still) watching 'America's Got Talent' and sipping on a nice cold Malibu and Diet. Makes sense that I would still be in the bar I spent all in right? Its been the LONGEST day in a long time, and I swear - tomorrow I'm playing hooky for the first few hours and telling BossMan I refuse to open until I get to spend a few hours on the beach with my girlfrannnnnds. I need to be somewhat tan for the wedding I'm going to on Saturday, gotta compete with TrollBaby (my sister). She's dark as dark can be and I'm a little on the white side.

Damn 1/2 French Canadian blood.

Dear 1/2 Cape Verdean side, get on the tanning will ya? Love, Me.

Oops. On to the next drink.

This is going to prove an interesting night where I sit here and watch people sing insanely bad karaoke.

I'm way too into this show right now. But the guy who started out the night putting his hand on Howie's head, thus FREAKING everyone out? And the little boys who rapped? AND THE GRANDPAS IN DIAPERS AND BONNETS CARRYING HUGE LOLLYPOPS?! Priceless.

On a completely unrelated note, I can't even tell you how upset I am that I'm missing BeerFest this year. I went last year and had a complete BALL. For only $40, I got to drink 2oz beers for 3.5 hours. WHAT?! It was perfect, and there were so many different types to have. Needless to say, I was pretty damn hammered by the end of it. We could've gone the route of making sweet, sweet pretzel necklaces like other groups. But nooooo, we decided the route of not eating was better. I did try some amazing beers though, including a Chocololate Chili Pepper Stout by Sierra Nevada. Its totally not my kind of beer (I'll stick to Bud Light, Leinie's Summer Shandy in the summer and Shipyard Pumpkin in the fall), but I REALLY enjoyed it. You can tell I did, because its really the only beer I remember from it. Weird. I had made to plans to go this year, but unfortch my cousin V's wedding day is interfering with that. If you're in the Boston area, and can afford the $40, I HIGHLY suggest you get down there and get your drink on.

2 days til I go home to the Cape. I is excited.

Guess Who's Back, Back Again...

Has it really been 6(plus) months since I’ve written a post?


Summer means more free time, which means more writing, which means resurrecting this lovely project that I call ‘Been There, Drunk That.’ For real this time. No. For reaaaaal. Feel free to kick me in the bum if I don't (Lynn and Kelly, I know you're reading this so I'm counting on you for that little push!). This summer is one that should be documented with all the fun things I have planned, or at least hope I have planned, so thats what I'm going to do. Some things are the same, some are a little different. But I promise you that it will all be fun. Its taken me awhile to get to the point where I think I should write again, and that point is finally here. Took long enough right?

The past six months have been a whirlwind of work and play. The bar, which during the summer months I so lovingly call the Dungeon, has taken over my life. I guess you could say I've taken a lot more responsibility here, but its not that much responsibility at all. I mostly just plan parties and yell at boss when he needs to order things. But between the Valentines/Anti-Valenties, St. Patricks Day and Cinco de Mayo parties, plus all the College Nights and other various activities, I knew I was never going to be able to keep up writing. I've spent a lot of time out with my friends. People were getting married, having babies, getting new jobs. Its been insane, but I've loved every second of it.

Not really sure what else to say, so I'll leave it at this: welcome to summer, and welcome back to 'Been There, Drunk That'. Hope you enjoy the ride!