Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When people write things about The Bar.

I love when people write things about The Bar. Its funny, but people tend to use this place for a few of their classes when they need to do any kind of writing assignment. I mean, lets be serious, I’m even planning to write a book about this place (and my friends lives as they happen in this place)! I’m going to make a million dollars off of it. I know I am. My friend Colleen wrote a play where The Bar was a central “character” if you will, and it was one of the greatest things ever.

Last Night, while I was sitting in The Bar, a big group of my sorority sisters came in. They were having a good time and decided to come visit me. A few drinks, some laughs, pictures, and saving them from a creep later (but that’s another story for another time), one of them turns to me and says “Hey KRose. I wrote about Wednesday Night for my Psych Class. Wanna read it?” DER I WANT TO READ IT. She didn’t email it to me fast enough, or gmail decided to act wonky, and through the facebook messaging system it went. I read it. I loved it. I got her permission to repost it here. So, here is a look at a typical Wednesday night, through the eyes of a newly 21 year old sister of mine – Meg.

Wednesday night, the one night of the week that the college crowd of Bridgewater State University seems to want to swarm the bars and make a night for themselves. Why not a Thursday or a Friday? That question lingers in my mind. But for some reason Wednesday night is the spot. So at approximately 945 PM I make my way from my apartment, and walk a few houses down with my roommate to the scene of the night: The Bar. Cars are driving by, no one is really in the streets, for now it is quiet.

The weather is somewhat nice, unlike the week before where it rained and the crowd was not pleasing. But tonight is the perfect night for observation. It will be interesting to see the clothing everyone is wearing, as it is November, and not June although some seem to forget that at times.

Upon entering it is not like any city scene, no line out the door, no fancy clothes and super high heels. Just the casual sausage man setting up shop by the front entrance, and by the back entrance a few adult males smoking cigarettes. Most likely waiting for the college crowd to arrive so they can leave their awkward setting and return to their families after having a beer after a long day at work. Bogarts is located in a mostly central part of town. On campus students can take safety to the graveyard and have a short safe walk, off campus students can most likely crash at a friends and take a walk as well. It is a dive bar that has attracted the crowd of Bridgewater State for many years. And in this night I am to just sit and watch how the crowd interacts. I am eager to observe the ridiculousness that is about to become revealed before my eyes.

At 10:00 P.M is when the cover charge of three dollars must be paid. So at 9:45 the crowd is small, except for the few broke students who are running to the entrance at 9:59, making sure they do not have to pay that three dollars, that could be easily be contributed to a four dollar pitcher, shared among friends. Once that first group of girls come in they look around and see no one is there yet. No one is dancing yet. Just a group of people standing around feeling awkward. Most keep looking at their phones, some are staring at the television, others are about to order a drink.

More groups start to come in. The bouncers crowd the door and intensely are checking ID’s. One girl is caught with a fake ID. She starts to make a scene then quickly realizes walking away before the police get contacted would be a smart idea. Two more years, you can wait.. we all waited twenty one years as well.
First I decide to go to the bathroom and observe it pre everyone else’s consumption. The chalkboard walls have some remnants of last weeks writing, the toilet paper roll is full and the floor is clean. I am not looking forward to coming back later because I know the disaster that is most likely to follow.

Next I decide to just walk around and check out the rest of the scene before the crowd becomes more congested. In the back room people are just sitting around, on the back deck two men are smoking a cigarette, and chatting it up with a bouncer. I go back in and a small line starts to form at the back bar. The bartender is friendly and knows everyone, she is a Bridgewater alumna and brings a homey feel to the bar to all customers who come in. She has the drinks ready before the customers even approach the bar. Joel the owner, is walking around making sure everything is good to go before the party hour begins.
Next I enter the pool room, some older men are shooting a game of pool. I wonder when they are going home, if they are going home, and how many people they are going to creep out that night. Every week there always seems to be a few adult men that just sit around and stare. I hope these aren’t them and that they are just enjoying a game of pool. But we will find them again later.

In the next room I notice the crowd is getting a bit busier. A line is forming by the other bar, couples are sitting around the small tables, and people are bringing their jackets to the back. Now I go to the very front room, to look out the crowd coming in.

A few guys come in and are recognized immediately. They all high-five each other “what up man” and proceed to make their way to the bar. A few girls are dancing on the dance floor already, one looking like she should really be at a club in Providence, another wearing a shirt, attempt at a dress. Most likely they had something to drink before they got there -- or possibly stopped at the local bar Emma’s for the usual dollar pizza and drinks. The DJ is starting to play his music and a line is formed outside. The bouncers are making their money and trying to look all tough and scary now so that no one will mess up.
More girls come in and start dancing, awkward guys sit at the tables around and just watch the drunk girls dance and make fools out of themselves, because no one is on their “level” yet.

I make my way to the front bar to take a seat and try to listen in on some conversations over the music. A forty year old woman is hitting on a young man, throwing napkins and coasters trying to get his attention, whispering to me, “Don’t you think he is cute?” I am very concerned for this woman who tells me her name is Debbie. She then continues asking me why I am sitting by myself and that I need a boyfriend to buy me a drink. Then grabs the boy next to her and tells him that he is my boyfriend now. I hope that I do not end up like that someday. You never know what people are going through but this Debbie character was something else. She then is getting upset that this young man is not paying attention to her and she goes outside to have a cigarette. Now I am playing the role of her coat watcher. I sit and watch the bartender running around frantically trying to get people their drinks in a timely fashion. For the most part everyone is being friendly. Others are pushing through and I think how sad it is how people act like animals just to get one drink.

Debbie eventually comes back and then tells me her ride is here and she is going to leave. I hope she makes it home okay.

Now an hour and a half has gone by and I decide to check on the bathroom again. Now bogarts is very busy and I have to push through quite the crowd. There is quiet the diverse crowd, caucasian is the majority followed by maybe twenty five percent african american. Most of which are dancing on the elevated area with the DJ. Three males are in wheelchairs in the middle of the floor. My feet are stepped on, beer is spilled on me, and I am just trying to get to the bathroom. In the women’s bathroom line, girls are going in in groups of four and five, the line extending far back, while to the left the men’s line is going by smoothly, one man in one man out. Nothing more nothing less, why can’t women be like that?

I enter the bathroom. Within two seconds people are already banging, “what is taking so long, let’s go!” I didn’t realize that when people are drunk their judgement of time is also altered. The once bare chalkboard walls are now covered in girls names, images of male body parts, sorority letters, and RB ♥ BD so on and so forth. The toilet paper is nearing its end, the floor is wet and the mirror is gross. I exit immediately and am greeted with the once banging girls to now, “Oh my gosh your shirt is soooo pretty I love it where did you get it?” I thought you had to pee so bad, and now you want to talk about my shirt? I didn’t realize that alcohol also made you forget that you had to use the bathroom.

Squeezing my way to the main room, I go through the pool room. The dads are still there, sitting at a table now, staring at every girl who walks by. A few college men are playing pool, definitely trying to impress the girls they came with. Taking a sip of beer after every shot and giving a wink. Making my way to the other room, everyone is dancing now. Some liquid courage got the mood going. People are dancing with pitchers, of beer pouring it into their friends drinks. I go to sit again and am immediately greeted with an altercation. It is now 12:15.

One guy is yelling at another guy about how he lied and took his girl. Guy one is clearly beyond drunk status and cannot stand straight and his words are not making sense. Guy one has a friend that is a girl trying to take care of him and pull him away. Guy two is just standing there with the girl. Doesn’t seem to want any problem, but guy one just keeps prodding. Guy one’s friend pulls him to the back room, and the other couple continue enjoying their night and having a good time. Guy one comes back with another girl and starts dancing with her trying to make guy two and his girl jealous. Clearly not working. Now previous helping girl looks upset and storms out of bar. It makes me sad, she must love guy one, and guy one is too drunk to even realize what is good for him is right in front of his eyes.

Last call is announced and a crew flocks to the bar. Shortly after the lights come on and the crowd has to finish their drinks and make their way out. I head out of Bogarts, a line is at the sausage cart, at least ten people are outside smoking, and there is guy one is running out of Bogarts yelling at guy two who clearly still does not care.

I walk back to my apartment and from my room for the next hour or so I hear people walking by screaming and just having loud conversations. It is amazing what a difference of a few hours and a few drinks can make. It is very interesting how much of an effect those few drinks can have on an atmosphere.

Well Meg, I would say your field study is pretty damn accurate.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Oddball Cooler!

I’d like to introduce you to my friend – The “Oddball” Beer cooler at my bar. Sure, it’s a bitch to make sure its all loaded up and pretty. But when it is? It calls to me. (And I’m sure the ladies over at Girls Pint Out MA are gonna love it).


I’ve never really been a “craft beer” kind of girl. Give me my Bud Light and I’m happy (hey, at least its not Keystone like in my College days. I shudder to think how many 30 racks of that my friends I put down without any thought at all). But then two summers ago, my friend Katie invited me to go to the American Craft Beer Fest in Boston. That’s when my life changed. I kept looking for the Bud Light booth but clearly there wasn’t one, so I spend my $40 and 3 hours trying the craziest beers of my life (Did you KNOW Sierra Nevada makes a Chocolate Chili Pepper Stout?! Its insane. Not something I could drink a lot of, but tasty in a two ounce shot). I got drunk, and I got hooked on different types of beers.

Right now in Mr.Oddball cooler, the Bar has 45 different beers & Malt Beverages, two different wines, a bunch of redbull and a various tasting of shots. You wanna drink all of them, don’t you?

The full list is as follows:  NewCastle Brown Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Red Stripe, Murphy’s Stout, Woodchuck Spring Cider, Woodchuck Fall Cider, George Killians Irish Red, Guinness Black Lager, Narragansett Lager, Narragansett Light, Narragansett Porter, Sea Dog Porter, Hazed and Infused Dry-Hopped Ale, Wachusett Blueberry, Wachusett Green Monsta, Wells Banana Bread Bread, A BUNCH of Samuel Adams ( Black Lager, Pale Ale, Latitude 48 IPA, Cherry Wheat, Blackberry Whitbier, Irish Red & Coastal Wheat), Hardcore Cider, Buckner’s Non-Alcoholic, Magic Hat #9, Wolavers Organic Oatmeal Stout, Woodbridge Gluten Free< Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat AND Fireside Nut Brown, Long Trail Double Bag, Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout, Spaten Oktoberfest, More Mikes Hard Lemonade than you can imagine ( Original, Winter Blackberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Black Cherry & Margartita), Smirnoff Ice (we are a college bar after all. These kids still like to “ice” their friends”), and 3 Twisted Teas ( Peach, Raspberry & Blueberry).

Holy crap. That took a lot it type out.

There’s no question what my favorite beer in the cooler is at this time of year of year is – Well’s Banana Bread Beer. I even wrote a post about it LAST year. My love for this beer hasn’t changed. Its still delicious. Everyone I make drink it is in love with it. On BTDT’s facebook page a few months ago, I even took my love for it a step further and added a ‘Chocolate Salted Caramel Rim’ to it.


‘Cause Rims on Beer make EVERYTHING better.

(don’t laugh at my photography skills)

If it wasn’t 1:12pm, I would be drinking one right now. But I’m at work. And its 1pm. Crap.

I am going to make it a point to try everything in the cooler – but that’s another project for another day!

So my dear readers, Whats your favorite craft beer? And what should I go out and buy to force my family to try on Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things I’m Loving Right Now…


Non Booze Related



Have you gotten on the Pinterest Bandwagon yet? If not…you really, really, really should. Not only is it the perfect time waster, but it gives you such great ideas for pretty much everything you could ever imagine.  I mean, just look at that picture up there. Sparkly shoes and d├ęcor ideas (courtesy of Ms.Deveau – SOON TO BE MRS. RATTY!), and Mr. Jesse Williams….because of course I have a board that I call “The Pretty People” and post pictures of celebrities that are, welp, gorgeous. Pinterest is pretty much just like a virtual idea board. Need a new craft? Done. Want something for dinner? Its there. Need something to kick your ass into working out? Yup – they’ve got that too. I’ve already got a few ideas for Christmas presents from this thing! The worst (and quite possibly best) part, they’ve got an app for your ipod/ipad/iphone too. I can’t even tell you how many nights I’ve sat in bed just skimming through people’s pins. Meant to go to bed at 11, end up passing out at 2. Oops. If you need an invite, let me know – cause I for sure want you to get in on it (and follow you. and see what you pin).

Netflix (or more specifically, CW shows on Netflix).


Not even sure I can express how happy I was when Netflix got some shows on their instant stream. More specifically, Felicity and One Tree Hill (but yet, I still started rewatching both Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries). FELICITY?! COME ON. That show was amazing. It premiered when I was in 8th grade, and it had Kerri Russell. I was sold on it. I was Felicity (and lets be serious, kinda still am). The quiet girl in the corner with the curly, frizzy hair. And when she cut off all her hair in that one episode then showed up at the party in that red dress?! And One Tree Hill. The only reason I still watch that show now (why oh why did you not stop after season 8?! The ending was so good and BDavis was FINALLY happy) is because how obsessed I was with it when it first came on tv. Oh good lord, it’s all perfection. Having my bosses netflix password is seriously making my life right now. I miss shows like this.

Social Media.

Lets be serious. This is nothing new. Follow me. Like my page. You know you wanna.

Fake Bachelorette Parties.

Shoutout to #trampsquad for this one! I’ve been to plenty a bachelorette party in my day, but this one might have topped it all just because we were doing it for fun. I mean, we had a fake back story for her “fiancee” and everything – why should bachelorettes get all the fun?!


Booze Related.

Smirnoff Fluff Vodka.

A few weeks ago, we got this vodka in our inventory and the first thing that popped into my head was ‘SMORE’S DRINK’. I wish I had a picture of the one I made that night, because it was so perfect. I mixed a little bit of the vodka with chocolate syrup, mixed it all with some milk, put it in a glass rimmed with chocolate syrup and crushed graham crackers – everyone I let trying was RAVING about it. The only thing that would’ve made it better was a nice little toasted marshmallow on the top. But that’s too fancy for this bar, and yet I’m still asking BossMan for a tabletop s’more kit for Christmas.


That’s really about it. I have a few posts in mind for the upcoming days….so be on the lookout. I promise I wont die on you guys again!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I apologize….

Oh good lord.

I did it again. I let BTDT die, and I promise this time I didn’t really mean to.  I do have a lot of things to write about, I’ve just been feeling uninspired about the booze in my life.

Sounds weird right?

There was a good amount of time where we weren’t getting anything new, and I didn’t really feel like making anything with the booze we had – so I stopped.

But no worries! The school year is kicking, my camera is ready and rearing to go  and I have a lot of booze recipes on the horizon.

Stay tuned my friends. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget.



September 11, 2001

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boozeday Tuesday: It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Well, depending on how you look at it. In my eyes? I’m gonna go ahead and say yes, yes it is (although – ask me the same question at 1:05am Thursday morning and I might be giving you a COMPLETELY different answer).

The stores are bought out of their poster tack. The liquor stores are bulking up on their orders of energy drinks and cheap vodka. The rotary in town is in a constant traffic jam. It can only mean one thing – The College Kids are back.

I love and hate this time of year all at the same time. It will be nice to see all the faces that were coming in last year that couldn’t over the summer, but I’m sure some of them will piss me off more than once.

The BAR is THRIVING again. So in honor of those lovely kids who come to Bridgewater to learn and to party, I’m going to be giving you a run down of the most popular drinks at the BAR. But please, don’t judge me. Judge the kids. They don’t really know what good beer is yet.

1. Miller Lite Pitchers   009Remember when I said don’t judge? Miller Lite Pitchers are one of the cheapest things we have around here. And this is why the college students eat (or drink) them up with their limited budgets and wallets. It’s inexpensive, and it’s easy to drink. Especially if you splurged a little bit at the beginning of the night and are already feeling quite…good. And at only $4 a pitcher? Why the hell not? You and a buddy (since we can’t serve them to just one person) can get good for $20 bucks. ITS ECONOMICAL.

2. G&T, Rum & Coke, Vodka Soda & a Splash of Cran.

004Another one of our cheaper drinks. For a 9oz glass of one of the above, its only $2.50! What?! That’s insane. Double it, and you get a 16oz glass for $5. We keep it real around here.

3. LSD. Louie’s Special Drink.

012LSD has been featured on the blog before, but it seems only fitting to mention it again. This glorious concoction of many different liquors, 3 juices and 2 syrups has become a favorite with not only with the college crowd, but with my FAMILY. I swear, I brought it home once and now I get yelled at when I don’t bring it home for say, Thanksgiving or Christmas. The best and quite possibly worst aspect of the LSD is that you really can’t taste any of the booze. At all. It gets a little dangerous. Like, don’t drink 3 big ones while you’re sitting down and try to stand up kind of dangerous.

4. The Raspberry Lime Rickey.


Aka The Walshie. Now this might just be popular when I’m working, but I’ll take it. It was something I had come up with last year, and it seems like people just keep wanting it. And its an easy to go to drink when people tell me that they want something, but don’t know what they want (Sidenote – people. Please know what you want when you have a massive line behind you. Or just tell me to make you anything. I’m not gonna sit there talking to you for 15 minutes debating vodka vs. rum. Especially not on a Wednesday Night).

5. Domestic Beers


When the kids don’t know what to order, more than likely they’ll fall back on one of the old Faithfuls. Its just that simple.


Oh College Kids. I missed you….I’m so glad you’re back.

Monday, September 5, 2011

ABSOLUT-ly Great.

Meet Sarah.


Sarah and I met one beautiful afternoon when she came into the BAR (on a cold call essentially) to sell and promote her company. Let’s just say she works for one of the BIG booze companies. We ate up whatever she was selling, and she started showing up on a regular basis. Somewhere along the way, Sarah not only became someone I go to for booze related things, but a friend. Like, even to the point where I saw random posters of her products up at a bar in Quincy, called her and we ended up partying all night together. It’s an awesome friendship.

Anyways. Last week, Sarah invited me to District Lounge in Boston for ‘A MidSummer’s Night Dream in the Garden of Eden’ hosted by Absolut Orient Apple. You know me – free booze and a fun time? I’m there. I had opened the invite to the rest of the staff because apparently I can’t hog all the free events anymore. Oops. Lyndo and I made our way up to Boston and after giving ourselves plenty of time to get lost and find parking – we were still an hour early. Thankfully, right next to District was The Corner Pub. I had been there before but don’t really remember it that well (it was right after the Bruins parade…explanation enough). The Corner Pub just seems like your typical after work bar. Plenty of twentysomethings in there, dressed like they had just worked a long day in the city. Cheap beer, food specials – this place had it all. There was nothing really special about it, but it was a good place to down two beers and waste an hour of our time.

Then it was off to District. Lordy, this place was insane. I don’t even think I can describe it. The layout was kind of awkward, but the interior made up for all of that. Crisp white leather booths. Huge black and white damask print circles on the ceiling. Gorgeous lighting. And probably the most beautiful bar made with birch trees that I had ever seen. The decorations that the Absolut people had added only enhanced the experience. Vases of different types of apples, huge ice sculptures on every table (that later, served as shot chillers). OH! And, the people they hired! Women spray painted in gold with ivy in their hair, and a woman who was “Eve” that was dancing around with a snake. A FREAKING SNAKE PEOPLE. Absolut knows how to throw a paaaaahhhhty.




The drinks were absolut-ly (ha. see what I did there? again, if you didn’t catch it the first time) delish. The first drink that I had was something that I don’t remember the name of, but it was good. Pretty sure all it consisted of was the Absolut Orient Apple, some cranberry juice and ginger ale (or ginger beer? the ginger taste was INSANE). Plus, it was cute – garnished with a little apple slice. I wanted to go down the entire list of drinks, but I was stuck on that one…plus all the shots that the Gold girls were giving out. I vaguely remember having one that had both mint and soda water in it as well – but I don’t do so well with the soda water.

And then it got a little silly.




Holy Hell did we have fun. The night got a little weirder after that – but I’m not gonna comment on it. Lets just say we were peeing in the dark by the light of our cellphones. In a fully functional bar. In Brockton.

Oh Jeez.

So thank you to Sarah, My Crew and ABSOLUT for a fan-freakin-tastic night.


Friday, September 2, 2011

New Stuff!

Hey guys, just wanted to check in real quick to let y'all know that BTDT is now on The FACEBOOK!

And yes, I did just say "The Facebook". So head over to the page (there's a link included somewhere on the side on the blog) and go ahead and I'm hoping the page will make it a little easier for the readers who aren't utilizing Google Reader (which they should because its pretty much the best thing ever invented) and eventually I'm going to start putting other things up there. Drink recipes. Questions. Cool Booze related know, the usual.

We're taking this to the next level.

I have a few posts lined up to write, so just stay tuned cause I think they're gonna be doozies.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricanes and VMAs.

What I did during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene: Read, Nap, Play with headlamps.

What I plan to do tonight: Make a Hurricane (Recipe included below, this is a booze blog after all), and Live Blog the VMAs.

But first, the main business – HURRICANE DRINKS. Before the impending doom of Hurricane Irene, I had never really gotten into the whole Hurricane deal. And maybe that was because I’ve never actually had one on Bourbon street, which I think is the only true place to get them. I did some googling and ended up on (obviously) about, which gave me a nice little blurb and a super simple recipe!

The Hurricane became popular at Pat O'Briens bar in 1940's New Orleans, apparently debuted at the 1939 World's Fair and was named after the hurricane lamp-shaped glasses the first drinks were served in. It's said that O'Brien created the heavily rummed drink as a means to get rid of the large stock of rum his Southern distributors forced him to buy.



Super Simple Hurricane Recipe – 2 oz Light Rum, 2oz Dark Rum, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Passionfruit Juice (I used cordial syrup cause its all we have) , & Grenadine. Mix. Drink. ENJOY! Simple Right?

Now onto the VMAs. I have no idea why I still watch these. MTV doesn’t even care about music videos anymore. Adam Levine said it best in his tweet the other day, fuck the VMAs. Yet, I still watch them. They’re like my not so secret guilty pleasure. I watch for the fashion, I watch for the performances, I watch to see if anyone is truly hammered. Maybe I’ll even make it a drinking game; Drink any time someone takes home a MOONMAN!? Yes. I think I can do that.

8:41pm. Sitting. Drinking the above pictured hurricane. Watching the PreShow and waiting for the big show to start!

8:56pm. BSPEARS AT THE PRESHOW. Yes. Even though you can’t hear her mic.

9:00pm. Show starts – Gaga dressed as a man. And smoking. She actually doesn’t look that bad as a dude. Which is weird. Cause she’s pretty when she’s Stefani. I really want her to do an album as Stefani when this Gaga Shit plays out. Not the greatest performance Gaga.

9:08pm. I need another drink.

9:10pm. Kevin Hart starting this out – not a host, but that would be hilarious.

9:13pm. What the hell is Nicki wearing? But I guess that is an everyday question. And Jonah looks awesome. “He’s the same Chicken Nikki! He’s just healthier.” Best Pop Video; BRITNEY FUCKING SPEARS. MY GIRL. I mean, I love Adele, but this is BRITNEY SPEARS PEOPLE.

9:23pm. What is going on? Confused. Need another drink. OH ITS JAY AND KANYE. In unrelated news, Jay and Beyonce are having a babeh. Excited for them.

9:26pm. Shaun White & Miley. What the Eff is Miley wearing/ That dress is ugly. “I grew up listening to Nirvana” Oh really Miley? Best Rock Video; Foo Fighters (secretly wishing Mumford had won).

9:35pm. Future Beastie Boys….doing dance off. Don’t know how I feel about this. Must drink. Best Hip Hop Video; Oh Nicki…Love that this guy is bringing booze up with him.

9:44pm. Demi & Chord. Demi looks gorgeous I have to say, goods to her and all she’s been through and how she’s getting through it. “Skyscrapper” is a damn good song too. Best Collaboration; Katty Perry ft. Kanye. Kinda dig this song. Not gonna lie. And they’re the cutest with that hug.

9:45pm. Hey you, calling the bar. We’re not open. Its just me here. Stealing the TV.

9:47pm. Hey Paul Rudd, you can be on my tv anytime. Introducing Pitbull and Neyo…I kinda like this song. Sometimes. Other times it gets on my nerves.

9:57pm. Katy Perry. Your hair is ridiculous. But she’s introducing Adele, so I’ll take it. The girls voice is phenomenal. And this song? I get chills every time I hear it.

10:00pm. How are you gonna follow Adele with Jessie J?  As Trish says “Nonsense.”

10:10pm. Kim K..back from her Honemoon and looking gorg in that sparkly dress. Best Male Video; Beibs? Really?

10:12pm. Ree, Marti and I just had a convo about how hott Joe Jonas is. Its bad, but its always the middle brother. Its ALWAYS the middle brother. And Chris Brown? I don’t hate it. He may be a douche sometimes but he always kills it with his performances.

10:23pm. Is it Britney time yet?

10:24pm. They’re announcing Gaga…so it MUST be Britney Time!! And Gaga, stop with the drag please. Its not that great. But she’s talking about Brit. So I’ll take it. I mean really, how can you not love Britney Spears? She went a little crazy for awhile, but the girl is TALENTED. You can’t deny that at all. Now hold on while I watch the tribute.

10:27pm. Goddess walks on Stage. Everyone stands up. She doesn’t even know what to say.

10:30pm. Bey’s performing. I mean, if JLo can keep performing while preggers…Bey CLEARLY can.

10:37pm. Pee Break…but you didn’t really need to know that. Told you I was live blogging.

10:40pm. I kinda love Selena Gomez. But I was never Team Jacob…I mean Taylor. I had a thing for the bad vampires, if you know what I’m saying. Best New Artist; Tyler The Creator. Not sure I’ve ever really heard of them? Him? I don’t even know anymore. Oooo it’s the group of guys that were up during the Future Beastie Boys skit..I get it.

10:42pm. JORDAN CATALANO. Oh wait, no. Jared Leto. Oops. and Ratty just called out everyone that thought that. Double Oops.

10:44pm. The VMA debut of Young The Giant. I don’t hate it.

10:53pm. What is this shit? I don’t really watch  Jersey Shore. Eh. GLORIS. DTF. ROFL. But’we re on to Best Female Video; Gaga. Over it.

11:03pm. I still don’t know how I really feel about Russel Brand. He can be funny, but other times..not so much. Love that he’s talking about Amy Winehouse though. Its sad that she couldn’t work through her demons and come out with more amazing music.

11:06pm. TONY BENNET?! Do these kids even know who he is?!

11:09pm. You know they had to sneak Bruno Mars in here somewhere.


11:19pm. ….That’s it?

11:20pm. Katie Holmes, you’re the cutest. Best Video of the Year; If Grenade wins…I’m directing you to Kingsley. But he didn’t. Kitty Purry won. Lame.

Does this mean the show is over now? Good. Cause I’m drunk off hurricanes and I want to sleep.

Oh wait. Its Drake. You know, when there was talk about him rapping way back in the Degrassi days…I never thought he would make it. Like really? A black canadien who’s real name is Aubrey? Come on now.

And get off the stage Lil Wayne.

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Thoughts On Tipping.

*DISCLAIMER* I wrote this when I was a little tipsy at the bar last night. On my Blackberry. While there was a semi-rave going on, people were crashing into me, I was generally annoyed, the music was too loud…Well, you get the deal.


So to preface this, I'm gonna say that at the BAR - sometimes the tips aren't all that good. I work in a place where a lot of people think they don't have to pay for beers – never mind tip the people that are serving them. There's always going to be that townie that thinks that they don't have to tip (I'm looking at you McDiddler). Sure, I complain. But I complain to my friends, the staff and to my twitter followers. But I would NEVER complain to THAT customer.

I went to a bar recently with two of my guy friends. Keep in mind that I'm not a huge fan of this bar (I feel like a seizure is going to be induced every time I walk through the door) and that's not the reason I'm venting. Its a good bar (I guess). Its updated, the drink prices are reasonable, the food is decent (I swear the only reason I come here is for their Buff Chix Dip) - but something’s off. I decided to go to the bar after my work shift ended. early, and meet up with some guy. friends in the area. The bar I REALLY wanted to was too far away (well...too far away to walk  at 1130pm on Thursday night by myself in the rain. Mind you - if it was homecoming, the afternoon and I was with my TrampSquad? I would be there in a second).
ANYWAYS.....I went up the bar with a friend P. He ordered 2 Budlights and a Captain & Coke. The bartender, before even making his drink, looks at him and says "Hey, I take care of you every time you're here. You gotta at least tip me percentage.".




And now the “sober reflections 24 hours later part. I get it. I get that bartenders get pissed when people don’t tip them, either at all or insanely shitty. I’ve been there. People don’t realize that as bartenders, we most likely don’t make that good of an hourly wage. Our tips are our livelihood. They’re things that pay our bills, and buy our food, and let us do fun things on the nights we’re not working and entertaining and creating drinks out of thin air our for customer’s enjoyments. Sometimes, people don’t tip. It’s a fact of life and I’ve (kinda) learned to deal with it. I get pissed off when certain people don’t tip, but NEVER would I bring it up them as a customer. I’ll complain to my boss. I’ll complain to the other staff members that are around, or that are showing up for their shift. I’ll even complain to my best friends/family/etc. But complaining and confronting a customer? Its unacceptable. If I was P in that situation last night, I wouldn’t have left a tip at the end of the night.

But maybe that’s because I’m a bitch sometimes. Oops.

When I go out, I’d like to think that I’m a good tipper. I remember I was in NYC for my friend M’s 30th birthday and we went to some bar that obviously I’d never been to before. I walked up to this (insanely gorgeous…but that’s irrelevant) bartender and ordered two Bud Lights. The total came to something like 6 dollars, and I think I left him $11. Sure it might have been a little excessive – but you know what? I never had to wait to get a beer again. He would pick me out in the line, and by the time I made my way up to bar, I would have two nice cold Bud Lights ready and waiting. Plus, I still tipped him every single time I went up! We both had a good night that night, and I’d like to think part of it had to do with the amount of money I was putting in his pocket. I was happy, he was happy. We were all good.

My general rule for tipping is this: If you don’t have enough money to buy drinks and tip your bartenders, you should just go to the packy and buy a six pack. You’re not going to make anyone happy by going into the bar and not forking over a few extra dollars.

Okay. Too much text. No pictures. I apologize for that. I’m off to have a quiet night, maybe read a little and have a Shipyard Pumpkin to the face. Tomorrows big plans include cleaning hardcore and “preparing” for this silly Hurricane Irene business.

…..Wait, I have a full bar downstairs. What else do I really need?